The Possibilities of Photoshop

Size and shape manipulation. Shading, coloring, and blending. Stretching, pulling and dragging. Shifting. Rotating. Glazing. Blurring and/or de-blurring. Balancing. Proportioning of angles and objects to the most accurate degree. Outlining of expressions in the most realistic way possible. Outlining of forms. Curing out of unwanted details. Matching and bonding together of subjects with appropriate accessories, supporting cast, props, etc. Highlighting of main subject. Magnifying one part against the other. Turning upright figures upside down and vice versa. Setting still object to full-speed motion or freezing moving object into absolute stillness. Insertion of all the special effects your heart desires, placing them just where you believe they are meant to be and magnifying them into infinitival degrees or subtly implanting them so as just to give a hint as to their role in the picture. Capturing the right action in just the right spot – the possibilities are infinitely endless with Photoshop.

One check at the list for Photoshop Tutorials and one’s head can just swirl around either because of being delighted or being overwhelmed by the vast number of choices there are for using Photoshop. Tutorials for business templates, font styles, animations, website layouts, designs, picture manipulations, etc. So far, the ones that have caught my eye are:

  • How To Create an “Alice In Wonderland” Inspired Artwork with Photoshop. With this I would get to imagine myself falling inside a hole into a wonderland of my own liking, armed with all the trusty instructions provided for me to follow.
  • Create a Fantasy Space Photo Manipulation Using Photoshop and Create a Spectacular Space Scene in Photoshop. The picture that comes to mind is space-heroes and mythical beings of the universe, ruling and warring over known and unknown stars, planets, galaxies, and heavenly realms.
  • Playing with Lights and Shadow to Create Dramatic Photo Manipulation. The idea that pops into my head with this tutorial is that it would be very interesting to just focus on one subject and make use of the tools to put different perspectives on it to challenge the viewer to perceive different kinds of messages that would center around that one object. It’s also cool if you want to construct a scene that would look as though it came from a movie.
  • “Soundless Daydream” Photoshop Painting. It sounds just like painting and everything it involves: a canvass, lots of different colors, brushes of different sizes, and much imagination. Only your canvass is the screen, and your brushes are the instructions and tools directing you on the what’s and how’s of bringing that picture in your mind to the screen/canvass in front of you. And I guess it won’t be so bad that you won’t be dirtying yourself either with paint, either; all you would be doing is just click, click, click.
  • How to Create an Out of This World, Medieval-Fantasy Themed Photo Manipulation. I’m fascinated with Medieval arts and warfare, so this one really caught my interest. Scenes of troubadours, knights in shining armor brandishing their swords against the villain dressed in his dark cloak, the ladies with their intricately braided hair attired in flowing robes of rich, velvety color. Just fascinating!
  • Create a Scene with Pop-Up Photos in Photoshop. This one is neat! It would be as though you were smack-dab right in the middle of your own storybook with all the enforcing pictures of people and objects that matter to you and your story popping up here and there to aid you in your narration at the turn of each page.
  • How to Change Ordinary Photo into Fantasy Photo Manipulation. I suppose the title says it all. Take an ordinary photo of yourself and with much manipulation and clicking and dragging here and there you transform yourself and your surroundings. Instead of a simple backyard with a few plants you are now in the midst of a mythical forest filled with all sorts of mysterious creatures; and the biggest transformation, of course, would be that of you looking somewhat more radiant and enlightened.

Much credit must, of course, be given to those who have discovered, learned and re-learned and mastered the tools that make the finished products of these tutorials possible. Their understanding of the complexities of the devices being used are honed and sharpened with, no doubt, much practice and much patience, which also adds more fuel to their passion to produce excellent works of art through the right usage of Photoshop tools. We benefit much from their imagination, creativity, and experience.

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