The Photoshop Universe – Taking You Where Few Have Ever Gone

When it comes to cosmic events and landscapes of galactic proportions, the Photoshop universe pretty much let you in on that great and vast open space outside of earth that holds so much mystery, dramatic events, and beauty.  It’s a pretty incredible place, the universe with the innumerable myriads of galaxies, stars and planets.  In the world of Photoshop, with the right tools and with much research and imagination, the Photoshop artist can take himself and his viewers to a place where only astronauts and our favorite flying superheroes have ever been.

Fascinating And Astounding Stuff You Can Do With Photoshop Universe

  • The silhouette of the earth as the sun serves as its backdrop outlining the earth’s shape.
  • Manipulating and shading the different colors of gases that blow across planets.
  • Different constellation formations that form patterns and pictures, with a shooting star or two.
  • Eclipses, a most dramatic meeting between the sun and the moon.
  • Take a different look on the different faces of the moon.
  • Hop around the craters of the moon with astronauts.
  • Collisions of meteor rocks against each other and landing on earth or on other planets.
  • Follow the steps of galaxies as they dance with each other in a mysterious choreography of infinite design.
  • Witness the birth, life, and death of a star.
  • Create a time warp effect and travel by light years like your favorite Star Trek or Star Wars heroes.
  • Design your own spaceships as they patrol the known and unknown sectors and regions of the universe.
  • Along with the spaceships, you could also create your own breed of superheroes that fly and guard the universe from powerful and evil beings.
  • Create eerie and terrifying blackholes that seem to threaten to suck the life out of anything that crosses its path.
  • Explore the wondrous yet dangerous landscapes of earth-like planets.
  • Create a path of meteor rocks and comets as they arch over set their courses for destinations only they know.
  • Create floating mountains that soar in place.
  • Make a bird’s eye view of the solar system, with the earth and all her neighboring planets.
  • Engage in a battle with evil aliens invading the earth and other ally planets.
  • Create your own race of galactic beings with their peculiar wardrobe, expressions, customs, culture, and powers.
  • Be captivated and terrified as you witness an epic battle between supernatural forces with truly god-like features and powers as they wage war and do battle with each other.
  • Express your own take on an alien spaceship landing on earth.
  • Make a dream-like image and place yourself out in the vast open outer space and fly to wherever you wish to go.
  • Create a collage of all famous characters that have ever graced the outer reaches of the galaxies and group them together in one very interesting and epic picture.
  • Grab a portrait and set in on a background of stars and colorful clouds and planets.
  • Lightsaber fanatics can go wild as they design their own swords and space weapons.
  • On a more endearing side, you can also make a picture of a little boy sleeping in his bed and dreaming of stars, planets, suns, moons, and him inside a rocket ship.

See why Photoshop universe is so very perfect for Photoshop techniques and tricks?  One can just let his imagination just run loose and create images and events that are not bound by human expectations and comprehensions.  Thanks to the images produced with tutorials for making pictures of the universe, even the people viewing them are somehow transported away from the ordinary, comfortable and too-easily understood circumstances to where breath taking and incomprehensible processes, events, and beings challenge all that one knows about the universe and invites one to delve deeper and deeper into the farthest, most infinite corners of the galaxies and solar systems.

Imagination is key to making a great Photoshop universe artwork.  Of course, one must do one’s homework well and learn all about what it is that is contained in the universe and how they work with each other or affect each other.  The heavenly bodies and cosmic events are great and amazing topics by which a Photoshop artist can explore and get blissfully lost in.   Perhaps, the fact that the universe is such a mind-boggling concept is the reason why Photoshop artists, or any other artists for that matter, are so taken with it – even if they capture its image in any art form, one it still completely escapes and defies human explanation.

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