The Many Uses of Photoshop Editing

The purpose of Photoshop editing is for the photographer/Photoshop artist to input the final touches needed to construct the picture or image into how he wants it to come across.  He/She will consider the lighting, the contrast of colors, the shading, the emphasizing or de-emphasizing of certain minute details, and a host of other little things that must be taken into account in order to make the picture the best it can be.

Photoshop editing is full of incredibly great options that you can choose from to produce a certain type of effect that will provoke a certain type of feeling, thought, idea, and emotion.

  • The classic black and white is a time-tested photographic effect that has always maintained great appeal and beauty.
  • The sepia effect, which is a contrasting of shades in brown and white, is also a very elegant type of effect, which lends a lovely, old-paper feel to the image.
  • The graying effect makes for a melancholic and mysterious atmosphere in the overall look of the image.
  • Turning an old grey photo into a colorful one while still maintaining its vintage look gives the picture a charming touch.
  • Turning a photograph into a sketch bestows an almost natural touch to an image, almost as good as that of a professional artist.
  • Light contrasting and angling helps to highlight either the light shining through the picture or the subject/object the light shines upon.
  • Painting effects are also abundant in different styles and touches, as is reflective of the different styles there are in real painting.
  • Retouching in Photoshop can do many wonders for a girl’s make up.
  • Diffusing the background into a starry, blurry kind of effect helps add a celebrity-like highlight to the primary subject in the picture.
  • Selective coloring in a picture adds great spice and dynamic to a picture, be it in black and white, sepia, or gray.
  • Restoration of pictures that are almost near to ruin is a very invaluable tool that can help preserve the pictures nearest and dearest to your heart.
  • Motion blurs help create an illusion of speed, time stopping or warping, however you want time to look and be.
  • Changing up one’s skin tone, hair and eye color, trimming up the nose, reducing the roundness of the cheeks, … you know, the usual vanity tricks.
  • 3-D effects and illusion are great for making images pop out from the picture.
  • Silhouettes are suitable for pictures that want to cast out a retro effect.
  • Dramatic shadow manipulations can tell a great story and make an interesting impression.
  • Colors can be contrasted to different degrees to make their hue and tint dramatically jump out from the picture.
  • Time travel is possible, even through Photoshop, by just adding a certain type of tint to the image that is reminiscent of antique types of photographs.
  • Blurring the primary image itself produces a mysterious, ghost-like apparition.
  • Animate your pictures with different styles of illustrations effects such as colored pencils, comic book style effects, vector looks, etc.
  • Infrared effects emanate an x-ray-like feel to the image that closely resembles the film from which pictures of decades ago needed to be developed from.
  • Fixing your pictures into a collage is a great way to show off your sentiments as well as help you preserve those wonderful memories from way back when.
  • Blending two different pictures together adds a bit of drama and reference point for comparison of two subjects.

Whatever options you choose in Photoshop editing, you must first and foremost have a clear idea of what kind of effect you want to see from certain pictures.  That done, you may go about selecting the tools, tricks, instructions, and techniques you need to use to produce that effect.  Keep in mind though that no matter how great or cool a particular kind of effect is, it may not always be the most appropriate one for certain kinds of pictures; overdoing one type of effect can make a picture look tacky and unimpressive.  This is the reason why there are so many Photoshop editing tutorials that can cater to so many different kinds of tastes and treatments – to help users produce effects that are suitable and complementary to the image/s being edited.   Never lose sight of your goal – to produce a picture that inspires and creates a positive and lasting impression on others.

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