Some Wonderful Advantages of Photoshop

Photoshop has truly changed the way images and/or pictures are treated, ultimately affecting even the way we perceive ourselves in reality and the way we want others to perceive us.  It’s not just our images that have been drastically affected by the advantages of Photoshop; even our projects, be it for school or for work or for personal use, have become more and more enhanced because of the very many possibilities so readily available in Photoshop.  The advantages of Photoshop have made it unspeakably indispensable to so many people of all walks of life, all ages and all professions.

Exactly what are some of these wonderful advantages of Photoshop that makes it so incredibly appealing and necessary?

  • Obviously, it helps hide the truth about one’s physical flaws.
  • Human expressions are furthered and highlighted even more with Photoshop.

Personally, I do not feel that the first advantage is a right way to use Photoshop, because it tends to make people be dishonest about themselves and deceive others by magically trimming down those hard to shed pounds, effortlessly erasing all those dreadful wrinkles and pimples, suspiciously making those ugly freckles and that annoying mole disappear. Still, Photoshop has done great wonders in restoring pictures that are in great need of repair.  A few bits of treatment here and there that takes away the crease and line and fading grey, … and then the smile comes across to you clearer and brighter than ever before.  Or the seriousness and nobleness of a certain serious expression is felt even more and speaks out from the picture louder and clearer.  Whether it’s smiling, laughing, frowning, crying, stolen shot or posed, the expression is made to feel like it’s literally jumping out of the picture and reaching out to your heart.

  • Images can be enhanced with all kinds of special effects that cater to all kinds of tastes, preferences, and themes, both for amateur and professional photography.

Fireworks effects for celebrations, hearts and cupids for sweethearts and married couples, bells and doves for weddings, balloons and/or disco lights for partying, radiant light effects for fantasy-type images, 3D illusions, sketch-like and watercolor-like enhancements of personal and/or group portraits, animation, speed effects, fairy-like enhancements, time warps and traveling, … pretty much every kind of occasion and theme is already well-covered by Photoshop. More and more professional photographers are making use of Photoshop not to delete or exaggerate certain details from the picture/s they have taken, but, rather, to enhance certain details and portions of the image to put a certain perspective or focus on that particular detail.

  •  It is commercially beneficial for all kinds of businesses.

From corporate to administrative to entertainment to arts to clothing to jewelry to fashion to publications to religious institutions to schools to medicine to advertisement to news media to food companies – every type of profession and industry you can think of Photoshop is there to enhance and improve their identity logos, symbols, posters, and business or school presentations.

  • Photoshop is also a great medium for poking fun at other people and at yourself.

If you have ever gone to that part of the fair or the circus where there is a maze of mirrors that produce different kinds of reflections of yourself – some too thin, others too fat, one gives you a big head, the other gives you terribly oversized feet.  That’s what Photoshop can also do for you and for your friends – give you a great laugh.  Only take care that Photoshop effects will not be used maliciously if you do intend to use it for joking around.  Having fun at the expense of another person’s dignity is never okay.

  • Artistic expressions.  One can make art with Photoshop just for the sake of personal expression.

This is probably the most all-encompassing reason for why Photoshop has become so prolific.

The many advantages of Photoshop are undeniable and have become a very much necessary part of our lives and our professions.  You better believe it – Photoshop is here to stay!  Just always remember, Photoshop is best used not to deceive people into thinking that a certain image is not what it really appears to be.  Rather, it should serve to bring out and reinforce what is true, essential, important, and uniquely beautiful in the image you are working on so that it speaks out honestly and sincerely to whoever should look upon it and affect them in a positively inspiring way.

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