Photoshop Symbols And What You Can Do With Them

The use of Photoshop symbols is a most necessary and indispensable function by which Photoshop artists communicate a certain message in the most efficient, dramatic or emphatic, and impressionable way possible.  Symbols permeate and affect every part of life; when used in artwork, especially in Photoshop, they take on a life and force that inspires and propels one who understands what that certain symbol means to feel something deep and profound for what that symbol stands for and to take a definite kind of action.

Photoshop symbols can take on any symbol of any shape and form and be used to represent so many concepts, ideals, and occasions:

  • Peace.  This usually takes the forms of branches, palm leaves, doves, or white flags.
  • War.  Guns, knives, swords, fists, cannons, tanks, warships, warplanes, … you get the picture.
  • Environment.  Mountains, bodies of water, landscapes, nature, cities, etc. can signify a certain picture of strength, power, unity, harmony, and progress.
  • The seasons and weather.  The color and elements of a season, the clouds with or without rain or sun that you see in your screen when turned on to the weather channel has been known to somehow affect one’s mood.
  • Colors.  Colors are a most effective and powerful medium of communicating meanings and signals.
  • Flags.  They speak so much of the identity of a race, a people, a country, a team, and an institution.
  • Traffic signs.  Where would mankind be without these helpful symbols to guide them in that great and fascinating universal maze we call traffic?
  • Websites and Internet.  The worldwide web would be amiss without that ever dependable @.
  • Fonts.  The style of a font tells you a lot about the person’s personality and the institution that uses it, what they are about, what they produce, and what they stand for.
  • Punctuation marks.  As funny and absurd as it sounds, the placing of any punctuation mark in grammar can mean either life or death in communication.
  • Languages.  The characters of any language are integral to the identity of a group of people and the way they uniquely communicate with each other.
  • Currency.  The moment you see that dollar sign, you know it’s supposed to mean something you want and need to have.
  • Entertainment.  Movie reels, cameras and films, the director’s chair, singing and/or dancing people, microphones, masks, theatre booths, stages, red carpets – it’s showbiz, baby!
  • Music.  Even just the mere sight of notes, rests, G-clefs, F-clefs, sharps, flats, singers and instrumentalists with their instruments just have a way of creating sounds inside one’s mind even without the literal hearing of any piece of music.
  • Fashion.  The style of a shoe, dress, or other accessory with the accompanying font immediately tells one the quality, beauty, and prestige of possessing such a product.
  • Parties and celebrations.  Who doesn’t love balloons, confetti, and clowns?  Don’t forget the wineglasses and wine.
  • Card decks.  The kings, queens, jacks, hearts, ace of spades, numbers, diamonds, and hearts hold so much influence in games and in the worth of taking risks.
  • Expressions.  Smiley faces have revolutionized and simplified the way we express our feelings toward each other when we communicate with each other through non-personal devices.
  • People.  No other symbol stands for such complexity of feeling, movement, and influence as the human shape in different poses and actions.
  • Love.  Perhaps the highest and most desired ideal, it is best seen and understood by pictures of hearts, cupids, holding hands, rings, two doves, homes.

Every kind of institution that has ever been set and established on earth and ever known to man makes use of symbols.  And in this day and age of global connections made increasingly accessible through the Internet, Photoshop symbols are powerful tools and applications that continue to create countless bridges and links of connections to ideas, philosophies, communications, exchanges, information, education, and inspiration.  The list above does not even begin to cover half of all the symbols that represent a certain concept, ideal, or institution.  We aren’t always aware of it, but a symbol creates a lasting impression upon our minds and influences much of the way we think, feel, and act.  With Photoshop symbols one will make use of the usual clicking here and there to enhance a certain sign; the way he/she goes about it and presents it will most certainly affect and influence another person, whether it was deliberately meant to do so or not.

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