Photoshop Artists And What They Can Do

One can tell much about the kind of Photoshop artists there are that proliferate the web.  Just by the first look at the tutorials you can immediately get an idea of the tastes and preferences of the artist/tutor, what they are into and what types of art appeal to them, as well as which type of art is their forte.  And even by just one glance at their art, you won’t ever wonder why they are such credible tutors – their work is pretty mind-boggling.  Their imaginations are incredibly unbound, their techniques are masterful, and their skills are great.  Photoshop is full of incredibly talented people.  They combine the best of both worlds – that of handmade art and digital art.

Different styles, different approaches, different ideas, different interpretations, different techniques, different expressions, different tools, different outcomes.  Photoshop artists cover a wide range of art and deal with a huge amount of subjects.

  • Science fiction.  Techies, geeks, and nerds reign supreme in this world, establishing their mark as artists.
  • Futuristic images.  Take a peek into the world centuries from now as the artist sees it.
  • Apocalyptic scenes.  Perfect for those who have an affinity for doomsday and end-of-the-world events.
  • Environment.  This art is especially appealing for artists who fight for environmental causes or who just like to evoke an appreciation for nature.
  • Humanist type.  This type of art is effective in directing the human mind to the abundance of complex human emotions, expressions, and conditions.
  • Fairytales.  An artist’s take on your favorite fairytale stories and characters are never exactly the same as the way you remembered them in your childhood bedtime stories.
  • Fantasies.  Travel with the artist to another place and time that you thought could only exist in the imagination.
  • Abstract.  Art doesn’t have to mean anything specific or concrete.  What better medium than Photoshop to make that kind of art?
  • Animation.  Go to where only cartoons and animation icons can only be found.
  • Anime.  Asian anime is a really really really wonderful breeding ground for art that is altogether dramatic, warrior-like, and fierce and at the same time touching and warm.
  • Vector.  Here you can put a spin into the main figure of the picture by adding other figures within the main figure.
  • Avante garde.  Outlandish, extreme, defiant of any known rules and principles that may be bound to art.
  • Illustrations.  Hand-drawn masterpieces, be it from pen, pencil, or brush, really shine out and grab great attention by the way their colors and images jump out from the screen canvass.
  • Digital sceneries.  Delve into the world of technology and virtual reality.
  • Cosmic activities.  Ever been curious as to what happens over at that great open space outside of our planet?  Look no further.  Photoshop let’s you see what those other stars, planets, and galaxies are up to.
  • Posters.  Spice up your movie and concert posters with art that really pulls people to come and watch.
  • Mythical beings.  Fly with dragons, griffins and phoenixes; run with centaurs and unicorns; make deals with leprechauns; swim with mermaids; do battle with giants and trolls; frolic around and rub elbows with fairies and wizards and all of those fantastical figures that you only read of in myths.

The skills of Photoshop artists, like that of any artist, takes time and effort to master and hone, as well as much mentoring from other excellent art teachers.  They may have begun with paper and hand-held tools, or they may have just started on the computer canvass straightaway; either way, they had to start with the basics and work their way up to the top of their field or art form, climbing up the ranks starting from novice to amateur and on to professional and/or master artist.

Photoshop art is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with along other forms and expressions and genres there are that comprise art.  It’s a very interesting and very unique realm.  And Photoshop artists are fast becoming a breed unlike any other.  I think that the best kind are the ones who can create stunning digital masterpieces and still hold a deep appreciation for traditional, hand-held tools and still maintain their grasp and hold on such essential tools; they are the ones who can skillfully combine both digital and hand-held art into one beautiful work that makes a lasting impression and inspires others to think and feel and act and respond positively.

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