Going Trendy With Photoshop Fashion Brushes

The fashion industry deals heavily with images and with influencing through imagery; as such, it is the perfect medium for utilizing a great number of Photoshop fashion brushes that help to produce certain effects that will imprint itself in a certain way in the minds of people viewing them.  Fashion involves a lot of:

  • Picture taking/shooting.  Countless pictures need to be taken so that the photographer and the designer have many options to choose from and use.
  • Editing.  Alas, not even models are exempted from the usual, humanly undesirable facial and bodily plagues (pimples, acnes, freckles, etc.) that afflict us normal-looking mortals, and so need to be done away with.
  • Posing.  There are a great many poses and stances a body can make, be it a regular or common kind of gesture or bold, dramatic, and exaggerated stances.
  • Customizing.  A kind of pose, style, and/or effect has to be executed in such a way as to meet the demands of sponsors, meet the particular tastes of designers, and appeal to the masses or the consumers.
  • Accessorizing.  The highlighting of particular enhancements, like jewelry, bags, shoes, pins, brooches, etc.
  • Make-up.  Facial features and expressions are enhanced by special cosmetics and techniques used by the make-up artist.
  • Styling.  A specific kind of putting together of certain fabrics and materials and pairing them with appropriate make-up, hairstyle, and/or accessories.
  • Captivating color combinations.  The expert use of color and print is very powerful and effective in determining how well a certain trend will be received and appreciated.
  • Expressions.  The human face is very much capable of expressing so much by just the tweak or pinch of the nose, the wink of an eye, the flash of the eyelids, the curve of the mouth, the raising of the cheeks, the pucker of the lips, etc.

There are many effects that one can produce through Photoshop fashion brushes:

  • Classic black-and-white or grayscale.  Capture a pose and expression in its most elegant and striking element.
  • Sepia.  Add a nostalgic touch to the model’s pose and dress style.
  • Vintage.  Even contemporary styles may be given a touch of charming and endearing antiquity.
  • Grunge.  This dark and deeply contrasting effect is very suitable for Gothic styles and dark fantasy, Halloween-like themes.
  • Glitter effect.  Perfect for clothes that set the mood in parties and flashy clothes that loudly and unashamedly call for a lot of attention.
  • Color enhancements.  One need not necessarily always go for effects; if one just simply wants to use the photograph as it is, one can just improve the tone of the image by making the colors come out more alive.

By the use of Photoshop fashion brushes one can present an image in the best light possible.  The different avenues by which this application is most useful are in:

  • Advertisements.  A lot of products call for models with certain images to sell them in a most effective manner.
  • Fashion magazines.  A most important part of the fashion industry that lets the public browse and pick up on the latest trends.
  • Entertainment magazines.  It isn’t just enough for actors to act and singers to sing; they, too, have an avenue of selling a certain style or product, or endorsing a particular style.
  • Lifestyle magazines.  Health and lifestyle matters somehow also coincide with what fashion and culture dictates in the daily lives of people.
  • Portraits.  When a single expression set in a certain pose and adorned in a certain kind of style is masterfully captured, it produces a powerful and impressive influence on any person who views it.
  • Model portfolios.  Models also want to collect their images in different settings and effects as this helps greatly in building up their resumes and in getting excellent modeling jobs.
  • Themes.  Weddings, Rock N’ Roll, country, suburban, Gothic, fantasy, floral, wildlife, etc.
  • Launching of new and/or seasonal trends.  Designers live to see images of their spring, summer, autumn, and winter collections come out and be presented in the grandest way possible.
  • Stage productions or reproductions.  Replicating the look of the greatest movie stars and singers and other infamous public figures.
  • Periodical fashion statements.  Each and every era that this world has ever gone through and is going through contains its distinctive fashion sense that is fun to replicate.

As one gets the hang of Photoshop fashion brushes, one will be able to create excellent images that will translate into the minds of people as something worth looking at, worth observing, worth appreciating, and worth thinking over, and even worth imitating.

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