Expressions Through Photoshop Lettering Effects

When you look at a certain kind of font, you cannot help but create a certain impression; and when that style of font is even more enhanced by Photoshop lettering effects, the word being spelled out by that particular font is made even more expressive and more graphic without even having to accompany any kind of picture.  Photoshop lettering effects are useful for enhancing the printed word or words, making them become an image in itself; the style in which the word is typed and the word spelled out combine to subtly yet effectively convey a certain message; the word in itself is strong enough an image to create a picture through our imaginations fueled by the way we understand that word.

The way you type a word or a group of words sends a message to the brains of people who read them just how important or not so important the word or words are.  With Photoshop lettering effects, one can incorporate a lot of effects and enhancements to carry a certain message across:

  • Small case letters.  At first glance, this style looks simple and insignificant enough; but if applied to a very key word, it could still express so much and impress a lot.
  • Capital and small case letters.  In grammatical rules, this style is best used for proper names of persons, places, and notable works; when applied with certain enhancements, one would certainly see even more so what makes that person, place, or notable work so significant.
  • All capitals.  This style calls for MUCH attention.
  • Bold font.  This style REALLY calls for MUCH attention.
  • Italicized.  This style calls for ATTENTION in a certain way.
  • Underlined.  If this style doesn’t call out for your attention as well as other styles, then I don’t know what else will.
  • Punctuation marks.  The proper use of these very important marks can help greatly in spelling the difference between life and death, question and answer, a whisper and a shout, laughter and crying, sarcasm and sincerity, and all of those other incredibly complex expressions that only humans are capable of.
  • Colored fonts.  When a certain word is paired with a certain color (envy, love, peace, etc.), the associations and the meanings come across pretty loud and clear.
  • Childlike handwriting.  Nothing else speaks of so much charm and innocence as when we see those wobbly letters on page or on screen.
  • Periodical font.  The style of writing in those long ago ages when quills and inks were the standard medium of writing and pages had no lines carry an irresistible charm and grace that is both beautiful and elegant.
  • Different languages.  Chinese, Japanese, Nordic, Arabic, English, etc., each and every ethnic form of language carries its own unique blend of complexities and nuances that makes their grammar and writing styles all the more intricate and interesting.

The avenues by which this application is used are varied and abundant:

  • Advertisements.  Selling products and ideas needs special words in special styles for the public to relate to and catch on.
  • Logos and statements.  A certain fashion brand, a certain campus font, a certain company title with the accompanying trademark logo – all these are very telling of the credibility and excellence of the services and products produced and found in these institutions.
  • Inspirational and motivational purposes.  Words have the power to bring down or to build up; when used to build up, the wonders they do are often unexpectedly unimaginable.
  • Artistic expressions.  Be it for art’s sake, poetry, or lyrical and musical purposes, the skillful combinations of words and rhyme undeniably stirs up one’s heart and imagination to great lengths and depths.
  • Personal expressions of affection.  “I love you,” “Thank you,” “I’m sorry, please forgive me,” “You are important to me,” “I’m so glad you’re my friend,” etc. – so few words, yet so much meaning and … well, … just so much. …
  • School and/or business projects.  Very useful for bringing more life to reports on various subjects.
  • Special themes, occasions and seasons.  Weddings, anniversaries, Christmases, Easters, summer vacations, rite of passage, funerals, summer, autumn, winter, spring, etc.

For whatever purpose Photoshop lettering effects are used, the Photoshop artist must always make sure that the style is appropriate and compatible to the word or words being spelled out and to the theme or occasion being talked about, so that the message of that particular theme or occasion is captured in its very essence and is effectively and appropriately expressed in the clearest and most honest way possible.

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