How to Get an Adobe Audition Free Download

How to Get an Adobe Audition Free Download

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Adobe Audition is popularly known as the standard software program when it comes to music production and editing. Transform your average computer into a powerful desktop studio through simple installation of Adobe Audition by Adobe Systems. Adobe Audition is formerly known as Cool Edit and was developed by Syntrillium Software during the early 90s. Cool Edit version was soon released and provided users the flexibility and utility that other recording software failed to deliver.

In 2003, Adobe Systems bought the last version of Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium Software for $16.5 million. Although Adobe didn’t make any revisions in the newest addition to their product line, the name Cool Edit Pro was immediately changed to Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition functions as a digital audio workstation which enables users to record, edit, mix, and master audio files in their own desktops. Installation of Adobe Audition is a cost-effective solution as opposed to recording and mixing audio files at a proper recording studio. Producers and musicians can actually produce songs and render changes if necessary using their own desktops in a fast and easy manner.  The single cross-platform package of Adobe Audition delivers features such as a powerful editing and mixing tools, which in turn produces high-quality recordings.

The core capabilities of Adobe Audition are as follows:

  • Ability to mix audio files using control surfaces
  • Ability to fine tune audio recordings through the utilization of tools
  • Ability to restore broken and imperfect recordings
  • Ability to combine and layer audio files
  • Ability to work on multiple track sessions and audio file recordings
  • Ability to speed up effects on multiprocessor systems

Take note that all the basic features which are listed above can be found across all Adobe Audition versions online. The combination of all these qualities results in uncompromising quality and an intuitive workflow like no other. Users of Adobe Audition are provided with the ability to record and edit efficiently thus making it possible for audio projects and presentations to be delivered in a prompt and timely manner.

Adobe Audition is a audio desktop studio which is compatible in both MAC operating system and Windows operating system environments. System requirements for all Adobe versions are pretty much identical, thus making it relatively easy for users to upgrade to the latest versions of this software suite.

There are currently five versions of Adobe Audition, each successful in providing consistent and high-quality audio output.

Adobe Audition Version 1

The first version of Adobe Audition was pretty much identical to that of Cool Edit Pro. Adobe Audition v1.5 however included several new features which have made this digital software application more useful than ever.

Additional features:

  • Frequency space editing
  • Pitch correction
  • CD project view
  • Integration with Adobe Premiere

These enhancements heavily made a positive impact on the popularity of Adobe Audition as a digital audio workstation.

Adobe Audition Version 2

It was in 2006, two years after the initial release of Adobe Audition v1.5 that an improved version was released by Adobe Systems. What was once popular as an audio recording home studio application has turned into a digital audio workstation that was mainly utilized by professionals in the music and recording industry. Several new features that were added onto the Adobe Audition version 2 are the following:

  • Audio stream input output support (ASIO)
  • Innovative and brand new mastering tools
  • New and improved user interface
  • Enhanced virtual sound technology

The second version of Adobe Audition was also included in Adobe System’s Production Suite bundle.

Adobe Audition Version 3

Version 3 soon came after a year that Adobe Audition released its second version of this audio suite. The multi-track capability found in version 3 was made possible by one of its best features, the customizable work interface. This makes it easier for users to arrange panels according to their personal taste and preferences.

New features that came with Adobe Audition version 3 are brand new spectral editing features, effects paint brush, spot healing brush, and central channel extractor.

Although MIDI features that were brand new in the third upgraded version of Adobe Systems was not as impressive as consumers have hoped for, Version 3 is still considered as an outstanding digital audio workstation for beginner and advanced projects.

Adobe Audition Version 4

Adobe Audition version 4 or Adobe Audition CS5.5

The fourth version of Adobe Audition also known as Adobe Audition CS 5.5 was released in April 2011. This comprehensive digital audio workstation features an improved and enhanced multi track, record and edit platform where users can perform audio mixing and recording cleanup functions.

Version 5.5 of Adobe Audition promises increased speed with its new and improved capabilities. Adobe Audition 5.5 supports both MAC and Window platforms which in turn optimizes the multicore processing speeds of these two operation systems. The editing, mixing, sweetening cleaning up, and restoration tools are impressive and work flawlessly on both MAC OS and Windows platform.

Adobe Audition version 5.5 also features high performance playback engine. The responsiveness of projects regardless of size is increased in the latest version of Audition. Performance is increased two to three times faster with version 5.5, thus making it possible for users to work on single and multi-track edits all at the same time. The roundtrip editing and project exchange feature found in Adobe Audition 5.5 guarantee better workflow flexibility and efficiency. Since Adobe Audition features easy integration features with Premiere Pro. The processing time for recording, mixing, and editing become relatively shorter due to its roundtrip editing and project exchange features.

Adobe Audition Version 5 (or Adobe Audition CS6)

The latest version of Adobe System’s desktop studio suite was just released March, 2012. It promises to offer high-performance and intuitive tools that are ideal for fast and efficient editing, mixing, restoration, and application of effects.

The Adobe Audition version 5 also guarantees to speed up the production process regardless of format. Most of the requested features by Audition users were finally added on the latest version installment of Adobe Audition:

  • CD burning feature
  • Clip grouping
  • Tone generation
  • Metronome
  • Automatic speech alignment
  • Control surface support

The reception of Audition fans to the latest version of the company’s digital workstation is warm to say the least. These simple and yet advanced features promise to offer precise functions, which in turn makes it an ideal suite to utilize for advanced recording and mixing projects as well.

Download Adobe Audition for Free

If you are starting in the music industry and would like a cost-effective solution of producing your own tracks, Adobe Audition is your best bet for premium performance and accelerated delivery time. For those who have not tried out this software application from Adobe Systems, Adobe Audition free downloads can be readily found in reputable websites and downloaded without hassles too.

These free Adobe Audition downloads function the same way as their premium, paid counterparts. Simply follow the installation instructions to the letter. Make sure that your computer’s basic features meet the requirements when installing Audition. Always read reviews and feedbacks that pertain to specific download Adobe Audition links to ensure that you are increasing the usefulness of your desktop and not destroying it permanently.

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